Form2 startup prior to a print

It’d be nice if there was a “pre-start” feature that told the printer to go through it’s warm up cycle and then wait. Something you could kick off from PreForm maybe, while you’re prepping a model, so that when you send it to the printer it is already warmed up. Times out in an hour or something, if no print job is sent to the printer.

Also, why does the printer wiper sweep prior to the initial check of the resin level? When this happens at the start of a new job, the wiper arm sweeps a lot of resin away from the area where the sensor is located. It takes it a while to flow back. Wouldn’t it make more sense to check the resin prior to moving the wiper? That’s when the resin is nice and settled and level in the tank and the sensor will get the most accurate “reading”, isn’t it?

Not like taking 5 minutes off the total print time will make much of a difference. I think the fastest job I’ve run took 2.5 hours. This is more a “human factors” kind of thing. I’d “feel better” if I could “tee up” the printer while working on a model in PreForm so the job could kick off immediately when I finally send it to the printer.





Would be a helpful feature I agree. Quite often I set off a print early in the morning and it would be great to let it heat up, send the file over and press the button just as I’m about to head out.

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