Multiprinter Upload and Fleet Management


I currently own two Form 2s and provide printing on 3D Hubs. In the near future I’m looking to add more Form 2s and, although not currently an issue, the individual nature of the file upload may become a bottleneck. It would be really helpful if, in PreForm, you had the ability to select the printers you’d like a .form file uploaded to and then it simultaneously uploads to all selected printers. This would cut down on the time spent individually attending to and managing model/printer prep for prints which require the use of several printers.

Another feature that would be helpful is remote printer management. Starting a print currently requires physically pressing Confirm on the printer, which is great to help ensure the proper resin and resin tank have been installed, but partway through a print having the ability to remotely start/stop a print would be quite helpful.

Thanks for the consideration!

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