Sensoring Resin.... Empty?


i m new, so no idee, my print stoped and sensoring resin is on display…

but the software show me, that 1/4 is in…

what shall i do?


no idea?

Is there any error message or does it just say “Sensing Resin” and doesn’t continue?

yes a error msg also and did not print

Which error message is it?

You can try to remove the tank and press down the corners of the black frame (where you see the screws) against the springs several times. Start with the two (left and right) in the back and then the two in the front.
This worked at least for me if you get the “Resin sensor error” message.

@SevenSeas, it sounds like it could be a resin tank error, as @Biogear suggests. We have some tips on this page under the heading “Resin Sensor Error.”

If these suggestions don’t work, I recommend contacting Formlabs Support:

is there a logging of the error msg?

because no one answer me here for days, i know switch it to a new full tank which i bought this morning…

i m new, so i have no idea,

what show me preform, when a tank is empty?

Hello SevenSeas,

I’m sorry to hear you ran into this. Can you please reach out to us by clicking on the “Get help” button at the bottom of this page? You can choose either chat for live support or a ticket. We will gladly investigate this and help find a solution.
Formlabs Support

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