Selling refurbished Form 1+ in Houston, TX, USA

I am selling a Form 1+ which was reconditioned this spring by Formlabs. currently sold for $2100 on their website
Included in sale are 12-15 resin tanks in varying conditions, new value is $700-800 dollars, used valuation $300
4 build platforms (one comes with the printer so 3 extra, New value for 3 is $300, used valuation $200
Partial containers of Formlabs resins, Grey, Black, Tough, Castable, Flexible…approximate value $300
To unused containers of Makerjuice SF red and green, retails at $39/bottle.
Used cleaning kit and tools.

Prefer local pickup but willing to ship. Customer pays shipping and insurance for UPS ground.
Printer would be shipped in original box, supplies in separate box(es).

Total valuation of everything for sale
Printer, platform, tank, cleaning kit $2100
Formlabs resin $ 300
Extra build platforms $200
Extra resin tanks $300
MakerJuice resin $ 80
Total $2980

Asking price for all is $2300 or best offer (OBO). Prefer to sell all to one local person but will consider other options.
Asking price for just the printer is $1800 OBO.

Reason for sale is this was replaced by a Form 2.

Please message me or email at mrrabeck at gmail dot com.

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