Searching for white resin FLGPWH01 for form1+

Hi everyone,

I am a jewellery-student in Germany and I am working on a project with the body. The white resin is perfect for this, I love it’s translucency and haptik and it reminds me of bones.
Unfortunatly formlabs doesn’t supply this resin anymore…

Does someone have some white resin that you don’t need anymore?

Hi Gina,

You can still purchase white V1 in the Form 1 store:

Hi Craig,

thank you very much, this is really good news! :slight_smile:

My teacher ordered already two bottles of the other white resin for our university in the europe store- do you know if it is possible to change that into white V1, who should I contact regarding this matter?

Many thanks!

As long as it hasn’t already shipped, you should be able to change it by contacting customer service at

Our sales team should actually be most able to help out. You can get in touch with them by filling out the form on this page.

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