Scratches on Build plate affects on accuracy?

I’ m not sure if deeper scratches from the Metal scraper tool affect the accuracy? If there are indents, the print has to be the same irregularities at this point or? Maybe the Form 2 is able to compensate the depth of the scratch automatically? I’m talking about an deep of 100 - 200ym maybe.

If you’re printing with a base, this will compensate for any scratches in the build plate and many users will even opt to manually scratch their build plate with sand paper to improve adhesion. For parts that are printed directly, the scratches shouldn’t affect adhesion but could impact the bottom surface finish somewhat.

If you build directly on the build plate any scratches will go outward and can be easily sanded back smooth.

If you’re concerned with the scratches get a plastic decal removal tool (scotty peeler?). This is a small plastic scraper tool that works great for removal and won’t scratch the platform. It’s sharp so don’t cut yourself.

ok thanks, I’m printing dental models directly on the base without any supports and it just works great. I think I didn’t descbribe my apprehension correctly so maybe this sketch helps to understand what I mean.

In other words, does the scratch also affect the outer surface?

The scratch will not effect the outer surface. The build platform divots get filled in on the first layer, and subsequent layers register off the flatness of the resin tank.


I have used a 4 inch paring knife to remove models . sharp and thin enough edge to get under and separate the model without gouging the plate

Thanks for answering and your ideas to remove the object carefully! I will check your suggestions, so I will continue to build on the flat and I do not have to worry about failed prints. Printing dental models on the flat is just the perfect way to get perfect models in a short time and with less effort.