If build platform have some big scratch, can it work?

Hi! I’m a new one in this community. So, let’s start topic. I saw about some scratch on a build platform, big scratch and feeling rough by touch. And I saw some of parts have distorted. Was it relate with a build platform problem? If not, how can I fix it?

Don’t think it should be a problem, Though your build platform does seem “used” compared to mine. How many prints have you done with this build platform?

Anyway, to answer your questions. Depending on how fragile your prints are, the distorted prints might have something to do with the positioning, rather than the scratches. The scraches you’re talking about are situated at the front-peel side which askes a little more from a print due to the peel stress it produces in that spot. This might affect the distortion of your print. So… Have you printed the same print in a different position and did you have any distortion then, or no distortion at all…

Your distortion problems should not be caused by the rough texture / gauges in the build platform unless you are printing without a base and supports. The raft / base is designed to make sure the print sticks to the build plate and square up the build surface to PDMS surface.

From my experience, you can scrape the high spots down with the scraper and if you are feeling adventurous you can take some 80 - 100 grit to the surface to scuff it up. Do not over do it. You are just looking for a uniform surface. Be sure to clean off any aluminum dust you created. I am not sure if FL has an approved method for dealing with deep gauges and scratches. I gather they will say to replace the build plate when it is worn.

Take my suggestions as “use at your own risk and your mileage will vary”. I can not guarantee anything.

On to your distortion. I suggest a separate post with pictures or examples.


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