Odd deformation in build structure

So I came in this morning to an odd deformation in a print this morning. Rather than rattle on about it, I think pics will speak more concisely than I can describe it. Also please note that the item itself came out 100% perfect. What would cause this?

The raft didn’t stick to the build platform. I have had it happen from time to time. Check your raft thickness. You may need to nudge the Z deeper into the PDMS layer.

The print came out fine due to the cross bracing of the supports and the structure repaired / worked around the messed up parts.

This particular item just barely fit as the overall height is approximately 6.73 inches, so in order for it to fit I had to do the absolute minimum settings when it came to base thickness and height above base…which I have never had to do.

Neat tho that the “structure repaired / worked around the messed up parts” as you put it.

Thanks @DavidRosenfeld for the insight.

The raft thickness is not editable (as least I don’t think it is) but if you go into the printer fine tuning, you can lower the build platform into the vat. It may just need a .01mm or .02mm nudge.

That’s exactly what Alex from FL Support just told me as well. Thanks for the tip :+1:

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