Rigid Resin trashing LT tank surface

Severe Tank Scratches:
Because there is some damage on the LT tank surface from a displaced build, I decided to wipe the surface down with a small swab and alcohol.
It was only when resin was removed and the alcohol evaporated off that I could see significant scratching of the tank surface (photo), which must be affecting the build quality.
This could only have been done by the wiper blade abrading the Rigid glass content into the surface. Is this normal?
There is no need for the wiper to actually contact the surface, just pass closely above it.
It needs an adaptation to float the wiper just above the surface, which might solve this particular problem with Rigid resin.
Given that the tank wear is mostly around the edges and the build platform is also slightly concave, it is not surprising that adherence in the centre of the build area is questionable and build quality reduces toward the periphery.

You can’t see any of this until all resin is removed from the tank surface.

The tank has produced 3 or 4 OK prints and 6 or 7 fails, not heavy duty work!
Anyone else seen this?
Problem is, you wouldn’t clean down the tank surface with alcohol to see this unless you are retiring the tank.

Yes! The same effect, but with dental model resin! After 1 print, the wiper scratches the film layer, a nit less like seem here but noticable the same way. My question also, how could it happen. Does it effects the print, and how can avoid to scratch more? Very very strange. My tank looks like dont have any elastic pdms layer, feels like a glass hard thin film…

Hey Adam, thanks so much for posting this and bringing it to our attention. This is absolutely not the behavior we’d want to see out of our LT tanks especially with so few prints.

In order for us to most efficiently investigate what might be going on, and also to get you back to printing at 100% can you please submit a support request at the link below?

One of our excellent Customer Support agents will get back to you within a day(usually much less) and we’ll get you taken care of ASAP.

Hey Dank, thanks for the message. I have a support request underway and one of your guys is organising for the machine to be looked at.
As in life, it feels like we are the only ones with the problem, so I posted here to find out if there were others.
We got lots of complicated prints out of the unit last year, but it ground to a halt about the time we got the LT tank and the new Rigid resin and updated the soft/firm-ware.
It is frustrating that we will be without the facility for another month now, but things are happening.

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