Anyway to recoat the long term resin tank?

I mistakenly scratch the inside during removing some fail pieces. Right now, I check the waiting line is 2 months. Is there an option to recoat the PDMS coat?

LT tank isn’t using PDMS. AFAIK there’s no way (yet) to repair the surface.

Depending on where you live, I would check with local suppliers as you might get lucky and find a tank in stock. Contacting Formlabs begging for a tank may also help you… although I have tried that and it didn’t work, you might be luckier.

I have also scratched my one and only LT while very carefully removing stuck resin from the tank (I have had a lot of standard tank and never made a single dent in any of them) I have made visible marks on it. Since I am in the process of printing lots of Tough parts for production (these are parts we use in our products), cost, speed and maintenance are a huge factor so I chose to risk it and keep using the LT instead of rolling back to a standard tank and changing every 3-4 days (which is the rate at which we’d use 1L of Tough). surprisingly it worked fine so you might want to try it too.