Elastic LT Tank Damage

My issue is similar to another post on the forum (Wavy side of elastic layer on new LT tank). I had only done a few prints on an LT tank with Elastic resin (less than 1L) and one edge of the tank began to ripple up like its coming unglued. I’ve seen this on other tanks after less than a liter of use or sitting for a week with Dental or High Temp resin and now I wipe out all the resin from those after each print project is done. Are these resins able to dissolve the adhesive in the base layer of the tank, aka is this normal or do I have defective tanks? I never see this on a lightly used tray with the more standard materials grey/clear/grey pro/tough/flexible/durable. I don’t trust the rippled side to not rip up so I’ve thrown it out and its a huge expense for these trays if they don’t even last a liter.

Recommend contacting Formlabs customer support and sending photos of the rippled edges. That is not normal.

ripples do happen mainly with rigid and greypro, i have one lt tank with waves across the whole plastic layer after using a couple liters of rigid, dont know if elastic also creates this effect

Support will know for sure, but generally, LT tanks should be good for more than one liter of Elastic resin. Rippling with Elastic is not unusual, like with Rigid resin, but if the ripples are only over the black area of the tank bottom, and not the clear window, you should still be able to print.

While the rippling of the tank surface will compromise your prints if it’s happening over the clear window, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole tank surface is about to rip off.

I print a relatively large amount of Elastic, leave the resin in the tank for long periods of time, and my tanks almost always wear out due to clouding on the surface over the window (due to successfully printing lots of layers) before any ripples reach the window.

Your experience with elastic not rippling the tank makes me think my tank was just defective :frowning: I will see how long the new one I started lasts

You are still using it with deformation across the whole tank? I just don’t want to risk a leak into the printer, we’ve had it before and its a mess. I haven’t had much luck with Rigid it scratched up my whole tank after 6 prints. Grey pro has been working really well for me and has a little loose spot after 3L but no ripples.

i noticed after a print i usually do came out wavy on the bottom and top, which i could for the most part salvage with a lot of sanding but i didn’t use that tank again, im not sure if it was close to leaking because the deformation happened on the film and not a crack on the acrylic which ive had a couple other tanks do, it would probably accelerate the process though

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