Wavy side of elastic layer on new LT tank

I just started using a new LT tank in a Form2. I print daily. After about 1/5 L of resin usage and great prints, I had a print fail. While inspecting the new LT tank, I noticed the elastic layer on the left side of the tank, just outside the normal printing area, has two waves in it as though the layer is beginning to separate from the tank.

Is this normal?

I’m concerned the expensive, new LT tank is defective and a resin leak is imminent.

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I’ve just found exactly the same thing. This is only my second print with the LT tank.

Thanks for your message, Braddock!

Sounds like defective tanks. I’m concerned that the “wave” is growing towards the right into the print area. If the two “waves” are growing, I am concerned they may prevent the print platform from lowering properly into the tray.

I’ve submitted a ticket. Hopefully FLabs will recognize what is happening and offer a fast and effective solution.

I have this too in my first LT tank.
Would be nice to hear an official input on this from Formlabs.

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