School in need of support

I am reaching out to the 3D community from Francis Lewis High School where I represent the Virtual Enterprise firm, BluePrint (formerly Reimagin3d). For the past few years our students have maintained a strong relationship with Makerbot, something that has been extremely difficult due to how expensive they are and how often we run into issues with their Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation printer. We are a student run 3D printing firm that allows participating students to gain real-world business experience, making sales with 500 firms internationally as well as non-VE businesses. At BluePrint we have been experiencing some problems with our printers because of issues with the extruders, carriages, and build plate. We constantly have to purchase new parts, however due to a cut in funding we no longer have a way to support our costly printers. We are looking for donations of old or new 3D printers that will maintain better over a longer period of time due to this being a school we have the printers constantly printing in a well ventilated maintained state, however they run into many issues even with the care we put into them. If anyone has a spare printer or an old one that they’re willing to give to our school would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me at If you would like to see more about our student ran company check out our twitter and instagram