NEED 3D printing service! (LA)

Hi, my printer broke and I need to print a bunch of files, the seemingly only maker space in LA charges about $2 per ML and I cant afford that D: I can buy my own resin and pay for the time and upkeep or help you with 3D modeling, learning zbrush or what have you (here is my site) . it would be great if i could find someone around LA! a PLA printer would be great too. any help would be much appreciated, I have so many sculpts for this event, I just need access to a machine

nice work. I am in philly too far away to be of any help

thank you. Its been surprisingly difficult to find an SLA printer in LA or all places. at least one that doesnt cost an arm and a leg to use :confused:

I am in LA and has 2 Form 2 and 1 Form 3 contact me on