Looking for someone to do injection molding


Hey guys and gals. I’m reaching out to see if anyone knows of a decent small injection mold operation to do a run of two different simple objects One is 5.5" round and 3/4" tall and the other 3" round 3/4 inch tall , 100 each in a white injection molded plastic. I have .STL files of the objects I want but it seems as though printing all of them is not really time and cost effective (depending how much the injection mold costs). I’m pretty sure I could design the mold but since I don’t know where to start I need info on what is necessary. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!!



You may want to contact protolabs. They do low running parts with soft tooling which is pretty cost effective. All of the mold houses I know would charge considerable amount to even make the tools.


You could also look at having it printed by Shapeways. They do SLS in a lot of different materials from plastics to metals to ceramics.


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