Advice on authorising/managing/scheduling prints within a school


We are taking delivery of our Form 2 printers in a few weeks at school.

In an ideal world I would like to be able to manage printing in a couple of ways. If students print an item it gets queued up and then only users such as myself can authorise the print and then schedule it so the printer isn’t tied up all the time and can be prioritised for lessons.

I can of course manage this manually, but wondered if anyone is using a print server or if the built-in print management caters for this?

Many thanks

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Man I want to go to a school with a 3D printer! Where do you teach if I can ask?

I have no idea how to electronically throttle your prints… maybe something as old-school as a white board with the prints listed sitting next to the printer?

I teach on the Isle of Wight in the UK. We have a whole STEM lab just about to be finished in a few weeks. It will have engineering tools, equipment and be an amazing maker space.

You’ll have to post up pictures of your lab when it’s finished :slight_smile:

We’re building out functionality like this for Form Cell and will look into creating similar capabilities for the Form 2. For now, a customized solution might be the best option. Using a spreadsheet or having a specific naming scheme for parts could work well.