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Renting my Formlabs Form 3 out

Hi All,

I am from the UK (South London) and I bought a brand new FormLabs Form 3 with all the required accessories and 2 litres of Grey Pro resin. The first litre I spent in learning to use the Printer, Cleaning, Curing etc., The 2nd litre is on the go and I might finish that in the next week to 2 weeks.

The reason to purchase was to do some Dental printing services in my local County and unfortunately because of Covid-19, most of my contacts walked off.

Now I have spent over £6000 in the equipment which is going to be sitting idle.

Can someone either kindly offer a price for this to take it off my hands (its still under Warranty as I bought it only in February 2020, just before the Lockdown) OR give me printing jobs that I can help you with?

I will offer a decent price for printing services with the cost of resin, electricity and my time (which is not too expensive :slight_smile:

Ping me in private if you are genuinely interested please.

Thank you

Still have this kit for sale?

Hi Steve,

Yes I am still thinking about selling it. Sorry for the delay in getting back. Swamped with work during these crazy times.

This is what I have in the entire kit

1 x Form 3 3D Printer
1 x Form 3 Resin Tank = Used with Grey Pro Resin
1 x Build Platform
1 x Form 3 Finish Kit
1 x Form Wash
1 x Form Cure

Let me know if you are interested.

Hi, is this still for sale / rent?

Hi Stuart,

Yes this is still available for Sale/Rent.

Would you be able to ping me privately for further details? What you would be willing to offer etc?

Best regards,


Is this printer still available? And what is the price to purchase?



Hi, is this package still available for sale or rent?

Hi This Printer is no longer for sale or rent. Thank you.