Looking for Maker Space or school in the Vancouver, BC, Canada region that has a Form2 for me to see in action

I am in Abbotsford, BC and would love to travel to a school in the Vancouver (Fraser Valley) area (even to Bellingham, WA) to see a Form2 SLA 3D printer in action and maybe, if possible, ask some questions about viability of this resource in my middle school creation zone. Any other thoughts from other regions about why we might want to move to this type of 3D printer for our student projects.

I don’t know how much trust you put into your students, but SLA resin is really bad for you. If you follow correct protocols along with a UV bake it’s fine, but I wouldn’t trust middleschoolers to not horse around with this kind of stuff.

Do you have any other 3D printing technologies at your school or would this be your first endeavor in this world? What kinds of things do you think will whatever machine you purchase be used for?

I have a FDM (Tinkerine Ditto + Pro) unit as well. I am considering just buying a few more of these instead of the SLA machine (due to cost and the type of projects students create) - the SLA finished product can look so much better though so that is what is intriguing me.

Thanks. This is a concern. Initially, I would be running a club where students would be taught specific skills and I would handle all dangerous material etc. The design activities are what is key - the printing could be done by a select few or only me. I appreciate the heads up though!