Urgent need for help printing (Vancouver / Boston)

Hi folks,

Is anyone here in the Vancouver area (or maybe Boston), and if so could you help me out of a jam by running some prints over the weekend?

I had two printers and desperate plan to run them non-stop the next couple days for a top secret project in time for the user conference. Unfortunately my Form 1+ didn’t even make it out of the gate - it suffered a failed peel drive and there’s no way I’m going to make my deadline limping along with just a single Form 2 (especially since a lot of the parts are suitable for printing directly on the base at the super-quick 200um setting, and I was counting on that to turbocharge my throughput).

Either of the Form 1/1+ or Form 2 would work. I will repay you for (or can supply) resin. Even willing to pay a hefty “user fee” for help!

Excited to meet you at FUSE! Get in touch and we’ll look into helping you out with a bit of printing :slight_smile: