Need help. Urgent!

I was printing a school foot print, the preform did not tell me anything wrong, but it printed out with falling parts, anyone has any ideas?

here’s how it came out:

Huawei, it’s sort of difficult to make out the print from your photo. Can you shoot us a message to support with the file so we can take a look?

My initial thought is those outside parts could be under-supported.


school_1027.form (507.8 KB)

here’s the file

School Building.stl (77.7 KB)

here’s my redesigned school, I am trying to print the school hollow, so I make the walls are thicker. see if you think this gonna work?

Thank you!

So the initial file has many mesh issues. I’m taking a look at your new file now.

The new file you uploaded looks worlds better…thickening the walls was the right way to go. I would give that a try…let me know how it works for you.


Jory, thank you for your help. I will print the school and let you know. also please take a look another photo I took, I ran into this issue recently, lots of layers fail off when it printed out, the tank is brand new, no cloud at all, and I printed the same model before without any problem. can you help, I attached the file too. Thank you!


Huawei, the mesh on this looks fine…but you are crowding the platform pretty heavily. With this many pieces, peel forces are increased and might be effecting the delicate features on your house.

I would suggest trying to print with no more then 9 of these items spaced evenly.


got you! thank you very much! I msg you the school project, would you take a look also?

trying to figure out which layout is the best for support, the hollow side face to support or the surface side face to support. Preform gives auto layout is hollow side faces supports. Please help! really appreciated

do you have any suggestions on this school project? thank you!

Taking a look at your message. Hollow side facing the supports would probably be best to prevent trapped resin during the peel.