Ruler or Ruler Grid in Preform

It would be nice if there was some sort of a ruler or a ruler grid that could be toggled on and off so that you can clearly see the height of your prints before you make them.  As of right now I find my self having to measure the screen and zoom out until the print volume is about 6 inches tall so that I can get an idea of how tall my prints are.  That would be super helpful!


It’s a great idea, and one I submitted as well. If you’re not always working on the Form then it makes even more sense. Scaling is different across devices and platforms.

As PreForm gets closer to a version 2, I would think the Form sw team would be able to give more focus to cosmetic and operator enhancements, rather than fixing critical bugs (i.e. ‘show stoppers’).


Reping. Would be nice to have some visual indicators of dimensions of both the build volume, as well as the actual pieces of geometry in a build. Thanks.


Agreed this would be a very helpful addition. Maybe also a %scale indicator/exact control

Does anybody know the exact dimensions of the pre-form grid?..Maybe we should just print a little 3 axis ruler within every build!?