References to real sizes

Hi I am a new user of 3D printers and unfortunately I struggle with different things, the one that bothers me the most is the sizes of the prints. I found a incredible use of this technology to help me with my work as animator and sculptor.
Unfortunately what I always find myself frustrated over is that I have not a good tool to verify that the print is of the exact size I want.
I wish the program had a digital ruler that would refer to the basic size of the platform in real size measurements (Inches and centimeters). So I (and other users hopefully) could come to choose the exact size of our prints. Instead of printing several slightly different sized things trying to guess the perfect dimension we could be more efficient in the use of our time and materials.
I hope I haven’t brought up an old topic, but I find this an important thing.

Thanks for the attention

I don’t understand, not only does pre-form have that already (in fact, each grid is a square cm), but how are you modeling these objects without knowing their scale?

Put differently, what software are you generating these objects in so as to print them, that doesn’t include a dimensioning tool?

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