Rigid prints difficult to remove from construction platform and misprints

Dear viewers

I do not know if there are more people who have rigid resin problems I get them when they are printed almost impossible from the construction platform without breaking the supports here I often have misprints often that the strings hang on
holes of 1.0mm are half closed I’m not really talking about between 0.8mm and then still not fit together for me never again rigid resin!

impossible to keep the supports intact when removing them

more than 0.7mm gap and it still does not fit together

problems with printing

a disaster to remove this from the construction platform

1mm holes are closed for a quarter to half

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no one


Would love to help but I haven’t opened my Rigid cartridge yet, I only have one LT tank (4 on the way but it’s taking a fliping long time) and I use it for some intensive Tough printing…

I have tried Grey Pro recently though, and also had the issue of the base being almost impossible to remove, I had to buy chisels and use a hammer then sand the BP to get it back into a usable state.

Have you tried contacting support ?

best johnhue

thank you for your post
I have tried to adjust the supports in the hope that it can be remove but that does not help what exactly do you mean with contacting support

Kind regards

Formlabs has a support website and available to help. While employees do read the forum, it’s mostly a place for users to exchange or express ideas.

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thank you johnhue
if you make the object hot, you will eventually get it loose

Maybe cold help. After making a print (block 10x6x3cm, clear resin) hot with an hot air gun I still could not remove it from the platform. As next I’ve put the platform into the freezer at -20°C for 30min. Now removing was very easy.

I’m not sure if preheating the object before putting the platform into the freezer is the trick, more experiments are needed here…

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