Rigid 10K Print Failures (Support issue)

Hey All,

I have had about 30% success printing with Rigid 10K. My support settings touchpoint, density, and slope are all maxed out to get any chance of success.

Even if my print does succeed, about half of the supports are broken or discontinued. They all seem to fail wherever an angled branch occurs. Straight support mostly make it through the whole print. Added a pic of my latest failure, which was on a new tank and fresh resin cartridge (first print off new materials). I’ll note I have 0 issues with other resins. Appreciate the help!


I just had a similar issue with my first 10k print. have you had better luck with this material?


I am having the same issues with the old Rigid material. Printing using the 4K settings. Just bought some new Rigid 4K hoping to resolve the issue, but not optimistic. I found about 4 other posts with the same issues using the Rigid family of resins. I could not find one reply from FormLabs addressing the problem, nor a solution from users. I really like the material if you get it to print. But my success rate is about 50% right now. Shame.

Right - Rigid 4000 with 1.2 support density and 0.80 mm touchpoints (bumped both up)
Left - Tough 2000 with 1.0 support density and 0.60 mm touchpoints (default)

Received my “new” Rigid 4K. Did not realize it is simply the old Rigid renamed. My cartridge only reads RIGID. So even less optimistic now!

Anyone find a solution for this? I’ve also had very low success with 10k. Every other material works great.

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This is weird.
I’ve done a dozen test prints last month using 10k and 4000 and both of them worked flawlessly even with my usual risky 0.35 touch points.
While it printed great I’m still to find out the vibe about Rigid resins because they break too easily.