Failed prints in clear resin using standard settings

Wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this? I’ve had two consecutive failed prints in clear resin 0.025.

The lower limbs of the model have appeared to slide off almost in both cases

First print with Density 1.0 touchpoint 0.4 which I presumed was under supported.

Second one was rerun with standard settings Density 1.0 and touchpoint 0.6.

I have uploaded a picture including a grey resin print of same model which printed fine…

Any ideas.? Suggestions gratefully received.

Those feet look a bit under-supported. Not by a big margin, but a little. I often go in after it auto-generates touchpoints to add a few extra where the software skimped.

I’ve had one failed print in clear from the print being under supported. But I’ve probably only made 8 clear prints in total.