Restart printer remotely

Hey there,

is there a way to restart the printer remotely? Currently we have sometimes the problem that the touchscreen is not responding anymore. So it is not possible to start a new print or reboot the system with the option in the menu on the printer. Is there a way to restart the printer using ssh or similar methods?

Regards, Frank

Hi @QInstruments,

While I don’t know of a built-in way to restart the printer remotely, you may find success with using a remote power switch to temporarily cut power to the device. With that said, you certainly should not have to work around an unresponsive touchscreen. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team to address the underlying issue.

I regularly have the same problem with the touch screen. My printer is connected to an external on/off switch. When I turn off the power, then turn it back on with the on/off switch, the touch screen usually works again.

Hi loco,

Thank you for sharing - I would reach out to our support team like Jesse suggested as they should be able to investigate and look into a more permanent solution for this issue so you do not have to worry about a workaround.