Resin Tank will not fill

Resin tank will not fill, says filling but you do not hear the actuator cycle. Also the tank is empty, sides clean, optical sensor clean. Unplugged and using a long screwdriver moved the bite valve actuator. Bite valve checks good.
Plugged back in no luck.
Never hear actuator cycle.

I’d open a ticket with Support

Turned to be firmware related. Reload current production firmware, all good.

Neither of the last two cartridges I recieved from Formlabs would fill the tank. I had Grey and Dental model…on further inspection the black valve on the bottom was completely sealed. Since I had deadlines to meet and no other cartridges I took a scalpel and gently made a slit in the valve. This seems to have solved the problem, but it isn’t a very convenient way to be doing things. Wonder why two different cartridges with different resins would both be this way when I’ve never seen it happen before.

Mine does not fill either, slit not cut open. Other than the mechanical arm at the bottom designed to move the rubber membrane during filling, I don’t see a method for the machine itself to cut the membrane open? Maybe I’m missing something

Seems to me that there’s some kind of manufacturing defect with some of this batch. I’ve gone through many gallons of resin without this happening. Hopefully the issue will be resolved with future batches, though in the mean time might have to continue with my scalpel method.

It’s just weird to me that the same issue happened with two completely different resins.

All carts have the same bite valve, so what type of resin really has little to do with it. It has a precut slit which is only cut mostly through, the lever arm then squeezes the bite valve, poping open the valve the rest of the way and opening on subsequent activations. However if the original cut is not deep enough it will not pop open on first activation. I have this about 25% of the time. The razor blade or knife technique works fine, but start with a small slit inside the current one. Then squeeze valve to open rest of way. Repeat until normal. JMHO.

Different resins same cartridge

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