Resin Tank Spills - Avoid! But if it happens

Have a resin tank spill? If you do, I recommend the following approach:

Assuming it hasn’t hit the mirror/other components the recommended way I got from support was to procure a syringe (or other sucking device) and removing the resin while still wet.

According to support, the key is to ensure that it isn’t on any of the electronics/mirrors. However, as long as it is just on the bottom it is “okay”.

Note: Do not try to remove bottom plate… causes headaches. If you must, you can remove a single screw and “tilt” the printer toward that hole to slowly allow the epoxy to seep out.

I did overfill my resin tank early on with my first printer, and I didn’t notice it had actually spilled a drop on the mirror until several prints later since it was near the edge of the mirror - but one print came out with a decent hole.

The unfortunate thing is - laser mirrors are very delicate, because the reflective surface is on the front of the glass, not the back - I didn’t realise this and scratched my mirror in trying to removed the cured resin. I’m not sure there’s much you can do in this circumstance anyway - except replace the mirror.

I’m in the UK and I did find a place that sells front surface mirrors very affordably - and it worked fine for me. See here :

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