Resin tank over fill

If I accidentally/absentmindedly fill the resin tank approximately 8-9mm higher than the MAX indicator line will this be an issue?

If I have to pour the excess out, it seems to be very difficult to do cleanly. And where do I pour the excess/overfill resin?

use a plastic cup or sacrifice a glass.

Put shrink wrap on the top to avoid spill

cover the glass with aluminium foil to block the light and store it in a dark place.

@Julien, I appreciate the advice.

I decided to purchase a turkey baster at the local supermarket.

I carefully removed the resin tray, placed it on the cleaning set-up, then removed the resin fairly easily.

I had to remove the resin slowly, as there were a few bubbles of air that would “pop” as they exited the baster and tiny resin drops would spray outward onto the cleaning tray. I cleaned the baster with alcohol. Printing again.

Temujin Great use of an available kitchen tool, but now label it so it does not accidently get used in your kitchen!

I’ve also just successfully used a turkey baster to remove excess resin from the tank, only difference being that I did so mid-print.

I filled the tank right to the fill line and ran the print, but noticed that during the peel between layers the tank was dangerously close to overflowing.

After pausing the print, I slipped the turkey baster into a corner of the tank and removed 40ml of resin. The print was resumed and seems to be going well now, we’ll see if there is some visible line in the print when it finishes. I removed the resin during the support base though, so I don’t think there should be any problems with the model…

Any thoughts on usability of resin removed in this manner? I’m a bit nervous about re-using possibly tainted resin for models.

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thank you