Resin Tank: "None" but NOT None - two different icons!

Please bear with me as I recount the events:

  1. Gray resin cartridge just went empty, I’m using up what’s left in the tank.
  2. I try Open Mode for the first time to disable wiping, as the resin may no longer flow back in time for the next laser.
  3. Print fails, not adhering to plate. Not hugely surprised, I peel failed print out of tray, no harm no foul.
  4. I turn off Open Mode and start print normal-style to see if that still works.
  5. Form2 reports “Resin Tank: None”. Maybe I jarred something when I peeled the failed print.
  6. I remove tray, screen does not indicate tray removal.
  7. I replace tray, screen THEN says “Tray Removed”. I do this a few times and it’s consistent.
  8. I test with another tray, Form2 screen correctly indicates install and remove.
  9. Back to the Gray tray, I notice two different icons for “Tray:None”: Upper = tray out, lower = tray in.

So the tray is being acknowledged on some level. I have:

  1. cycled power several times
  2. Cleaned the tray sensor contacts
  3. Jiggled and pushed (even forcefully) the tray every which way

all to no avail. The empty cartridge of Gray is the only one this tray has ever seen, no hint of clouding. My two mysteries are:

  1. I really am gentle when peeling failed prints, to avoid damaging the silicone. That plus how securely the trays are installed, makes it virtually impossible I could have moved the tray while peeling the print. That means the error almost certainly happened WITHOUT any connections, tabs, etc. being moved.
  2. There is more than one icon for “Tray:None”. I would have thought that’s a pretty binary condition - it’s either there or it’s not. What do the different icons mean?

I’ll open a ticket if I must, but this really smells like a software error, and one that could/should be resettable. Just like the secret button/power sequence that makes my inkjet think that refilled cartridges are new. Surely there’s something similar for the Form2?

UPDATES: I found and implemented the Form2 factory reset, no change. The PreForm application appears to describe the WHITE “Tank:None” icon to mean Tank:Unknown. This may explain the graphic, but certainly not the condition. How does a tank achieve “Unknown” status? That means it’s completely unusable, through no fault of the user, and therefore an even MORE compelling argument for some sort of sensor data reset command!

Thanks for the diligent troubleshooting and it really makes it much easier for us to identify any errors users are having. This is an issue our software team is aware of and actively investigating.

Thanks for the response. I’m a bit calmer now because by lowering the build plate, I am able to use the tray and the remaining gray resin in Open Mode. Perhaps one possible software fix would be to allow the routine for override/reassignment of a tray to a new resin type, even when it’s “Unknown”? Or does the tray chip no longer return a stable ID which can be assigned to such an attribute? I’m also a tech support guy, so questions like this come unbidden…

Happy to hear that you’re able to use the remaining resin in Open Mode.

I can’t say I know the root cause of the issue but I’ll make sure to keep this thread updated.

me facing the same problem. any idea?

new update: the customer service said something wrong with the program of the tank, they will send me a new tank.

No kidding! I suppose I need to get a piece of that action. But if it’s easier (if even possible) to send just a new chip to reinstall in the same tray, my tray’s still in top shape and I’m a technical guy and could very likely do that myself. Just a thought. Thanks for the report!

Mainly to keep this thread alive, I report just now submitting a ticket to see if I will also be offered a replacement tray, as I do plan on continuing work with genuine Formlabs resin regardless of my third-party resin results.

I’ve had a number of trays that weren’t recognized, some right after a successful print.

I just got the latest one to show up again by using a Magic Rub eraser on the the chip in the tray. Magic Rub leaves little residue and has just enough abrasion.

“Prismacolor’s Magic Rub is a vinyl eraser for use on polyester-based drafting film, acetate, or tracing paper. It erases delicate drawings cleanly, without smudging.”

Found at Amazon, Blick and Staples, etc.

Yeah, as an IT guy we used erasers on “malfunctioning” PC expansion cards all the time, made us look like such wizards. :slight_smile: In any case, Formlabs is indeed sending me a new tank and means to return the old one, both at no cost to me. So I won’t fool around with the old tank anymore. Still, the nosy techie in me would love to know what the actual nature of the problem was, but if there’s face to be saved by keeping mum, I can’t fault that either.

NEXT UPDATE: My replacement resin tank just arrived and it is acknowledged by the printer. It doesn’t seem to sit level, though - a clear tilt between the fill line and the actual resin line. However, there doesn’t seem to be any way to plug it in other than the way it’s gone. I’ll keep an eye on it!

Never mind - the printer was moved by the cleaning crew and screwed up my leveling. Non-issue.

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