Resin tank labelling

I have been switching out resin takes and trays as I move between types of material for builds and have three suggestions for Formlabs.

  1. Print the material type, i.e., Tough, upside down and right-side up on the label on the front of the tank. Why? When I remove tanks, I closed the top cap and store them upside down because I do not want to risk resin leaking out the rubber nozzle. While readable, it would be easier if the resin type and version would be printed both directions. If this is an unsafe way of storing partially used containers please let me know.

  2. Add the resin version to the label on top. This would allow me to know which version of resin type is in the machine when I have more than one version of a given type on hand.

  3. Make the resin version larger print like the type. That way when I am looking at a shelf across the office while I am setting up a job, I can more easily read the version of resin I will be using. The type is easy to read from up to 10 feet but the resin version is not.

I only have one tank so far but will have to come up with a way to swap and store reliably. I think it makes sense to store the tank sideways. The cap and the rubber nozzle are thankfully on the same side of the tank, so if you keep that side facing up, it will minimize the likelihood of having leaks from either end.

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Ha! Did not think of turning it on its narrow side so the nozzle and cap are up. Simple but great suggestion!

This is how I store my resin tanks as well and it works great. I also saved the vacuum formed cap and put that on the rubber stopper as well to prevent drips on the chip.

Yeah, when I remove the cartridge I clean the rubber valve and then put the orange cap back on

For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen a cartridge leak while sitting on a shelf. That’s not to say it can’t happen, but of all the ways to make a mess, that one is very rare. We just store them upright on a shelf over our printers.

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Good to know that either way is safe.

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