Resin Tank Box Improvement

Hello community.

I have a habit to remove the Resin Tank form my printer, every time I finish with a print and won’t be using the printer. This helps me stay away from those nasty mishaps, when a tank cracks and spills resin inside the printer. I also avoid any dust accumulation in my resin and minimize the exposure to UV light.
So as you might of guessed, I use those Resin Tank Boxes a LOT! The problem is that every time I go to put away the Resin Tank in its box, I struggle to find an easy way to put it in the box. So I have come up with a small trick, that makes my life just a bit easier and I hope, I will make someone else’s too.

P.S. : Formlabs, I think you could also easily implement this into your boxes, since it’s a neat little trick and not that much more complicated to add to your box design and manufacturing.


Quick Instructions of what I did:

  1. Unfold the sides of the box
  2. Measure 2cm from the fold. I found that to be low enough to easily place the tank into the box but still keep some structural integrity.
  3. Draw lines from the previous line to the edge of the box.
  4. Cut on the lines with an x-acto knife
  5. Fold the box back together


Nice 1! Thank you

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Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

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I totally agree, thank you for your suggestion!

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So you don’t like the flip it over and dump it out method? lol

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Haha, this method only works the first time the tank is empty and sealed. Later on I prefer mine but if that works for you go for it. :joy::joy: