Resin tank hits the wall

Hi, last 3 prints I’ve noticed a strange behaviour on my 3D printer. When it starts moving the resin tank, first it hits the left side of wall few times and then pulls the tank to the right side.
It doesn’t sound normal, what might be the case ?

Have you made sure that the tank is securely attached to the printer? If so, then contact support, that may be an issue with the sensors that detect the motion of the tray

A video would be a big help in diagnosing whether or not this is normal behavior. When the print begins, the tank does ‘home’ by contacting endstops towards the side of the printer.

yup the tank was secured.
Video can be found here:

It looks like the tank might be struggling to detach the print. We sometimes see this for parts that have hollow cavities that create a sort of suction cup effect against the tank. Is it possible that this is what’s happening here?

Umm no that’s not possible.

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