Resin Tank Fail and Disaster, Again

While printing today, I got a few times the message “Print interrupted” in my mail. So I check what is going on with the printer and this is what I see on the screen.

I open the cover to check inside and I notice that the resin tank is broken. It has a big crack on the back side. So I take it out and empty it.

And this is what I found under the tank…

I also notice that the tank is not the only thing that cracked. Also the black plastic floor is cracked.

It is the second time I find the printer in this condition.

This time things look muck better but still…

Yikes, that’s quite the crack. We’ll want to investigate the cause of damage to both the tank and tray carrier. Oftentimes, if IPA or other solvents contact the tank surface, it will weaken the material and eventually lead it to crack. It’s important that you get in touch with support before further handling the machine so I’ve reached out to Cody from our team and you’ll be receiving an email from him shortly.

Wait, say that again? If the tank comes in contact with IPA it could crack and cause your printer to be filled with resin? How much IPA could cause this? What parts of the tank? After how many prints, etc?

In another thread on this forum I read that the bite valves on the Form2 cartridges break down over time and won’t last much beyond 1 liter (when it breaks, it can cause resin overflows in the printer), so topping up cartridges can lead to disaster.

Is there a page on the support site that documents these things? Maybe I’m alone, but it never occurred to me that using IPA on a resin tank could destroy my printer.

Here’s a link to an article on our support page recommending against using IPA or Ammonia based cleaners on the acrylic cover. My understanding is that IPA exposure can weaken the acrylic and further mechanical stress may cause it to crack.

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