Resin Overflow Puke Can

I have my printer for 10 days and now I have to send it back for repairs for a simple design flaw.

While doing a 9 hour unattended print The rubber stopper on the Resin Cartridge either got stuck open or twisted causing the fill cycle to squirt the resin outside of the build tray fill ramp. So now the resin is dumping down the sides and back which in turn filled up the whole inside bottom of my printer completely covering the boards, glass and laser with resin. Yes it even got into the supposedly sealed area.

So now not only do I have to send the printer back which is costing me money as I can not finish a clients job I lost 1/3 liter of resin and a resin tank and have been cleaning up resin for the last day and a 1/2… The “Chip” still says 1/3 full but the cartridge is empty. So you can imagine what a mess that made all over my desk once I caught what happened. Which was all behind the printer.

Very easy fix in my book. Just below the resin cartridge where the Tray ramp goes make a small tub from vacuum formed plastic same as the overflow tray you have on the carrier with a small tube that leads out the back of the printer into a catch bottle.(Yes we would have to drill a hole in the back) but this would prevent a lot of headaches if this happens to be a common occurrence.
Once I get the printer back I will design something for my printer to stop this from ever happening again. and post the file for anyone who wants to print their own

This was after cleaning up 300 or ML of the desk is was still leaking out the bottom.

Here is my idea… I may actually use my CAD Program though to make the final part :slight_smile:

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I had a similar spill… thankfully nothing was damaged, but it was a mess and a waste of time and material.

I thought about vac forming something exactly like you describe and just stuffing it in there, but I didn’t want to void my warranty by customizing it.

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Essa questão do galão de resina alto matico acho que foi um grande erro da F2 só trouxe mais problemas, diariamente vejo reclamação nesse fórum devido esse novo sistema!

Sounds like a great idea, Please do share your "improved " version when you get it back.

Yes this almost happened to me. Maybe the tank could have radius on the shear side stopping overflow when a build fails.

today i start my Form 2 first time, and i wonder why the resin was over the market limit.
And i was scarred each time the wipper moving, because the resin stopped 2mm before the top of the resin tray.
Than i close the air-in at the cartridge, to avoid more material in the resin tray.

That’s fairly standard, you must keep the vent open.

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