Catastrophic Resin Overflow from resin cartridge nozzle malfunction

I’m in the midst of dealing with a catastrophic resin overflow due to a cartridge flaw I haven’t found references to.

So I started a print yesterday morning around 6:30 a.m. I had to put in a new resin cartridge before the print. I opened the brand new resin cartridge I had waiting and put it in the cartridge slot. I watched it dispense a small amount of resin then went about my morning. About 10 - 20 minutes later I come back and the ENTIRE cartridge is emptied into the printer. It’s overflowing over the resin tray. Its leaking out the front left onto the desk.

It turns out the nozzle for the cartridge came loose and fell into the resin tray letting the entire cartridge empty into the printer.

I was able to lower the overflowing resin tray and remove it without getting resin on the optical window. Once I had the tray to side I found the cartridge nozzle.

This was my 3rd or 4th resin cartridge. I know not to take the nozzle off.

So I get a hold of support and get the minor spill guide, the shell removal guide and a ticket opened. I spend about an hour cleaning the exterior / surface all the while resin is slowly oozing out of the printer.

I go to take the shell apart. Resin starts leaking from the shell assembly screws (at the base on the sides) before they are even out of the printer.

Everything is covered in epoxy. The power supply is doused. The board is doused. There is a grate design for the base and two rows of the grid are overflowing with epoxy.

The belt for the wiper, The linear rail and the bearing, everything associated with the left/right motion is coated in resin.

I spent 4+ hours cleaning. Two paper towel rolls and a half a box of q tips but everything is still coated in resin.

I’m in contact with support and I’m hoping they’ll make this right by replacing the printer which is still under warranty I just wanted to post this so other people would know.


These pictures really don’t do it justice.
edit*** pictures aren’t showing up for some reason. Ill check back later to see if they post

I had a tank crack on my Form 1+. It coated nearly everything inside. I cleaned and cleaned. Let it sit for days while resin still seeped out. I never got it work again.

That’s scary. A part malfunction dumped a completely full resin tank into my printer from instruction use of their product. Support is so far telling me they will fix this printer or send a refurbished model. It makes no sense that this wouldn’t get replaced with a brand new printer. Their product design caused this. The printer was new before this happened. Not something soaked in resin with some replacement parts or who knows from a refurbished model. I spent way too much on this printer for this to be handled the way its being handled.

Pictures are in this drive folder.

Also I want to clarify the form labs employees are being very helpful this process is just not taking the direction I was assuming this issue would take it.

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