Formlabs 2 resin overflowed

I read other posts about this. I’m wondering if submitting a ticket is the best way to begin getting some action on repairs. I like the product but the sheer amount of wasted resin that washed over the sides of the hopper into the machine … not good. Any suggestions? Thanks. : )

I just had resin dump out the back (the vat didn’t even overflow). The printer dumped about 50ml of resin inside my printer.

I fixed it myself by rinsing the electronic boards off with alcohol. Had I sent it back for repairs, the printer probably would have been totaled with that much resin inside the machine.

My post on it is here.

If you get resin inside the machine then you should definitely open a ticket. First steps would be that they can tell you how to open the printer and try and clean the parts inside. If things are bad enough then it would require sending in the printer for repair, it can very easily ruin the printer if resin gets inside, the mirrors especially if they get resin on them you might as well replace them entirely.

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