Has anyone noticed the spill 'sump' in the form 2?

I have been having issues with my form2 overfiling and getting significant spillage of resin into the machine, whilst cleaning it I noticed what looks like a drain on the front left of the black flexible casing - where does the resin that runs down here go and how do I get it out?

Uh oh! Do you have any more details about the overfilling? Is this while using Open Mode or with a resin cartridge?

The drain that you described on the black casing is a catch gutter and basin that’s designed as a safety to catch some resin and prevent accidental overfill from going into the printer. This resin doesn’t go anywhere except into the gutter, so it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Please get in touch if you have a Formlabs cartridge and it’s overfilling the tank; this is an error that we’d want to investigate.

Hi Stephen

I’ve been using a 3rd party resin in the automatic cartridge, as I’ve mentioned in another post the overfilling has only started since April (when the new rafts were added to preform). I’ve had a couple of serious overflows where the well at the back was completely full, as was the catch area. At the time I hadn’t noticed the drain on the front of the safety area and only spotted that today. It’s quite frustrating as in general the machine is excellent, but since the last couple of updates I’ve had sensor/overflowing issues. I’m not using open mode as the 3rd party resin works really well with the fl grey/fl black setting. I’m going to be trying the new 3rd party ceramic resin next week and I don’t want to be wasting any of that due to overflowing.

If you use a third-party resin then any damage caused to the printer is not necessarily covered by the warranty–using it in the cartridge is not a good idea since all of their material settings are designed specifically for the Formlabs resin formulations. It’s very specifically tuned to each resin and they can’t account for that with third-party resins.

The resin-level sensing is calibrated for each resin. For that reason, using a different resin in a cartridge can result in overfilling.


The over filing problem only became apparent when I updated preform and the firmware in April. I’ve gone back to the end of March release of both and just ran a 16 hour print that I’ve been trying to run all week with no problems at all, so as far as I’m concerned whilst it may have been a dirty sensor (I’ve cleaned that as well) I’m more inclined to think it was the software/firmware.

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