Clear Resin overflowed into printer

I just noticed there was a decent amount of clear resin (V4 I believe) that overflowed into the printer - some managed to get on the id chip, on the flat surface, and likely a small portion was cured on the back edge of the printer’s mirror.

I haven’t isolated the problem yet, if it was a power outage or printer failure, or if we mishandled the tanks when swapping, but if it seems possible, what is the recommended process for cleaning?

Thanks for any help. I will upload pictures soon.

Formlabs can help if you open a help ticket.

Might not have overflowed. The PDMS layer could have become delaminated from the tray and resin leaked underneath. This has happened to us and judging by where your resin has leaked to, this would be my guess. Check your tray to see if there’s an air gap around the edge of the PDMS layer and if there’s resin leaking underneath the tray.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to check that out.

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