Resin and Coupons unfair system for people who had not recieved their printers

Hi Formlabs,

I find the current system of awarding coupons for resin a bit on unfair side. The reason being is that as a international kickstarter, I have already sunk my funds into a close to a 1 year old project that didn’t show any form of return. I had paid full for both shipping and the Form 1 starting of the year. I would not consider sinking more money into something I don’t see any return. To be on the prudent side and stating facts, Formlabs is not a perfect picture of support and promises, I guess it is as far as a shady operation where everything is in the dark. I would appreciate the coupons is something we can hold on to for more then 3 months, till our printers arrive. This way, we are able to commit to more to resins without feeling cheated at the end.

Please work it out so the system seems fair to all, who didn’t receive their printer from kick starter, and not favour only those who deemed good enough to receive your printer, even though we paid more as international backers.


Steve K K

The coupons are re-issued every three months for the life of your Form 1. (One for each month–the coupons are issued in a batch of three.) They just sent me my second batch of three coupons.