Multiple resin coupons per order? (again)

The only info I could find on using multiple coupons was 1.5 years old and had a link to a form that was no longer valid. What’s the current way to apply more than one coupon to an order (I tried just applying a coupon code, then applying another and the second just replaced the first.)
Also, do the coupons apply fully or partially to the 500mL resins?

Where do you even get coupons?

Original Kickstarter backers get resin coupons.

email to support. include the order number and coupon number(s). They will help you. It will take some days to get the money back.

I assume they have bigger fish to fry, but this has been going on for years now and they haven’t fixed it. It’s a small thing, but still bugs me too.

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