Replacing Peel Motor - Proper Shaft Depth in Clevis?

Hi all,

I had a bad peel motor in my Form1+ and FormLabs Support sent me a new one. After doing the swap I noticed that now my first test print is running the platform is not level flush to the tank surface during first layer. It’s touching on the left side but is about 1mm off the bottom of tank on the right. I was wondering if this could be due to not putting the threaded shaft deep enough into the clevis before setting the lock screw. I didn’t put it ALL the way to where it touches the rocker since I was afraid this might impede the hinge motion. Is there a PROPER way to gauge this during installation? The replacement institution were a bit lacking on certain details so not surprised if I messed it up. Thanks.

This is exactly what I’m seeing - Tray is not level to build platform

and CRASH! The motor shaft just came loose from clevis! Guess I should have used more LocTite :frowning:
Weird thing is the shaft has fallen all the way to the bottom of case with only a few mm above the motor now. How would it end up with so much thread below unless the motor was turning it that way? Not like it can freely slip up and down.

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