Replacing peel motor. Doesnt make sence

I just bought a form 1+ and it came with a broken motor. Just got the new one but something doesnt make sence to me about installing it. If i locktight the screw and tighten it into the cleavis, wont that prevent the screw from turning and raising and lowering the tank, burning out the new motor?


That is an excellent question. Your motor will not burn out. I do not know the name of the mechanism FL is using but the shaft will not spin. The motor will just push and pull the threaded rod up and down.

Once you see how it works it will make sense.


Finally got it back together and yes, I see how it works now. Thank you. My only problem now is it’s not sticking to the platform. Lots of forum searching in my future I think.


Your welcome!
I assume you are talking about prints not sticking to the build platform. If you get nothing to stick, follow the FL instructions on how to adjust the Z height lower (into the vat). If it is something else, post up with pics. Well see what we can do to get you printing asap.


Thank you. I followed the instructions here, , moved the platform lower by 1mm, and still no luck. The base prints, but doesn’t adhere to the build platform. I bought small rubber spatulas because i didn’t think rubbing a metal scraper along the bottom of the tank was a good idea. (thats just fyi incase this is a horrible method for reasons i don’t know yet). Is there a way to manually control the platform so I can see how far away the platform is sitting from the bottom of the tank and if its level to the tank or not? Also, after I replaced the tilt motor, it seems like the motor grinds a little, as in it keeps trying to raise once the tank is raised as far as it can go. I don’t see any sensors to stop that motor so I’m wondering if that’s normal operation or not. One last question, are you just a very nice forum member or do you work for Formlabs? Either way, thank you very much for your help.


You are following the correct instructions for fine tuning the printer.

Lowering the build platform into the vat by 1mm should have been more then enough to get the raft to stick to the build platform. Can you post up some pictures of your build platform, vat, and of the vat holder in the home position. Something doesn’t seem right.
I have found the metal scraper to be the perfect tool. Unless you dig at the PDMS layer with the edge you are not going to mess it up. There is no need to press too hard. just light pressure while scraping.

The only proper way to adjust your build platform settings in in the documents you have (yes there are other ways that will void your warranty so I would not do it on a new machine). The assembly that holds the vat is on springs. This way as the raft is built most the inaccuracies from everything being square are squared up. ie, PDMS layer is not exactly level, The PDMS layer not being exactly flat, The build platform not being flat and/or square, etc.

The motor noise is normal. That is the mechanism I was talking about. The motor pushes the vat holder assembly up until the 2 hooks meet in the little holes. Be sure they line up on your machine. They should have some white grease on them as well. IF you have bent them by accident while changing the motor, you would not get anything to stick. If you need pics to verify, just ask.

I do not work for FL. Maybe one day.

Your welcome.

I just dialed the fine tuning back to 0. started a print with no resin just so i could see whats going on. At 0 its touching the pdms layer, should i back it off? how close should it be? I did end up bending the hooks but I made sure once it was back together that they were aligned with the holes again.

I would leave the setting at 0. You want the build platform pressing into the PDMS layer. That is why the assembly is on springs. This is how it compresses the first few layers to assist in securing the raft to the build platform. I would try printing something. Your pics look ok. I do not see anything out of place.

But if you get nothing, I think FL support needs to assist. I am not sure what else it could be.


Thats what i was afraid of. All i get is the base of the print that stats on the pdms layer. Either way thank you very much for your help.

Dont know why it started working, but it did. YAY. can your parts be too small?

I am glad to hear that you are able to print. I have printed some really small parts. How small are the parts you are talking about?

Ironman mask for lego small.

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