Removing parts from the platform with "non marring" razor scraper blades

Several posts in the forum discuss using a razor scraper to remove parts from the build platform, especially when direct printed on the platform without using supports. There’s also several comments where users mention having accidentally cut themselves with the blade as well as scratching up the surface of the build platform.

Having read the posts, I purchased a Titan Mini Razor Scraper at Amazon, it comes with a thicker, sturdier razor blade than most razor scrapers. However after a few uses the razor edge was all dinged-up and it would badly mark the build platform. Looking for replacement blades I found Titan sell “Titan Tools 12038 Non-Marring Scraper Blades” which are made of a tough plastic, probably nylon, and they work to perfection making the easiest removal of parts from the platform I’ve experienced. The blades are not as sharp as the metal blades, you could probably still injure yourself but they seem far safer than regular razor blades.

It may be obvious, but given the number of people who said they’d cut themselves, it seems sensible to wear a “NoCry Cut Resistant Glove” also inexpensively available at Amazon. To remove the parts, I place the side of the platform on the bench so the build surface is perpendicular to the bench and with my left hand behind the platform scrape downwards, it seems like a safe way to remove the parts without risking injury, and also without getting any marks on the platform thanks to the non-marring blades!

Hope that helps!

Haven’t had an issue with that, I just use an exacto knife with a chisel type blade and it works fine.

I made a cover that goes over the removal tool so it doesn’t scratch the build platform. It is on the discussion linked below on the next to last post.