Remove partially cured pieces from tank after failed print

My Form 2 printer recently failed on a decently small print, and it left a ton of partially cured pieces in the tank. There is no layer on the bottom to be removed, just the cured pieces so I can make a new print. I know FormLabs recommends using a Fine mesh paint filter to clean out the resin, but is there a way to do so without such a filter? Is it possible to use a 3D printer to make something that would help clean it out? I’m new to this type of printer and would love to know how.

Hi @Magicat,

Depending on the size of the cured resin pieces, your best bet may be to use a metal scraper tool as shown in Cleaning after a failed print (Form 2). If the resin pieces are too small to remove manually, filtering the resin would be the most straightforward way to extract them. If you’re unsure, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team and share photos of the resin tank.

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Okay, got it. Thank you so much for the support! :smile:

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