Remove Aborted Prints from Dashboard

The print dashboard is calculating aborted prints into the amount of resin used.
I am not low on resin, but my dashboard is telling me that I am low.
I currently have 6 prints that were aborted before the print started and the materials used estimate is counting the resin used as if these prints were complete.

I would like to be able to either remove the aborted prints from the dashboard or not include them in the materials used estimate.


I’ve run into that same annoying problem. I think the issue is the dashboard doesn’t know when you aborted the print to get an accurate idea of how much resin was used in the failed print. Formlabs should be able to fix this.

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I agree.
It should be at the user’s discretion.
We should be able to remove an aborted print if we want. Or at the very least, it would be nice to be able to not include the aborted print in the materials used calculation.

If the print was aborted prior to starting the print, I would remove the print. If it was aborted near or at the end of the print I would leave it on the dashboard. Ultimately, that should be my choice.

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I’ve encountered both of the scenarios you describe.