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I’ve just recently registered to Dashboard but after 2 or 3 print attempts. Dashboard does not seem to be aware I printed before. Is there a way to update information?

Otherwise, how can I know how much resin I have left? I don’t want to be caught in the middle of a print without enough resin.


Dashboard won’t be able to pull data regarding prints and material usage prior to your printer being registered. Fortunately, there are a few mechanisms in place to ensure that you don’t run out of resin in the middle of a print.

If the printer suspect that the cartridge might not have enough resin to complete a print, it will give you a warning prior to starting the print. This warning can be bypassed. If the cartridge runs out in the middle of a print, the job will pause until you insert a new cartridge. This too can optionally be bypassed and the print will continue using the remaining resin in the tank. You do run the risk of the tank running dry if you choose to print with just the material in the tank.

Ok thanks!

And how in Dashboard can I see the “damage map” of my resin tank (to see where my resin tank has more chance of been used)

If you go to the materials tab listed on the panel to the left, you should see Tank Heat Maps for each of your materials :slight_smile:

Hum… I don’t see it…

If there was a way to tell the printer that I know it’s going to think it doesn’t have enough resin mid-way through this next print, and that I want it to continue anyway, and do that at the start of the print job that’d be a great FW tweak, Frew. A couple of times now, I’ve kicked a print off before going to bed only to discover in the morning that the job halted halfway through to wait for me to acknowledge the low-resin condition. Even though the resin in the tank was more than sufficient to complete the entire print when I started the print job. I know the printer can’t really estimate how much resin is in the tank, it’s either at the fill line or not. But I can look at a mostly-full resin tank and a mostly-empty cartridge and know I have enough resin for at least a couple of 50ml prints. But there’s no way to “fire and forget” the print job. As currently implemented I need to tell the printer 2x for each job I run with a empty or nearly empty cartridge, no matter how small the print or how much resin remains in the tank, and IMO anyway, that’s sub-optimal from a “human factors” standpoint…


I’ve run into the same thing but fortunately any prints that I’ve been comfortable letting finish using just the resin in the tank have been relatively quick to begin with. Adding this could improve productivity, but it might be a little more challenging to get a sense for how much resin will be required to safely complete the print. I could see this being an additional option when the printer displays the ‘cartridge may not have enough resin to complete the print message’ prior to starting a print. Wording that option in a clear way might be a little challenging. In any case, I’ve forwarded this to our software team.

That’s odd - can you take a screenshot of your Overview page? Any tanks used with a registered printer should automatically populate the materials section of Dashboard.

Here ya go!

Hmm, the overview page should display recent print statistics as well as your current material library. Have you run any prints since registering the machine to Dashboard?

No I have not but it might very well be the reason why

SparklingElk is a solid printer name. You should probably print an elk and bedazzle it. =]

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Prints prior to registering won’t display on Dashboard but any new prints you run or materials you use will populate those sections.

Sounds good. Thanks!

@Brandon_A Yep I’m inspired :wink:

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