Dashboard material manager feature request

When I saw the announcement today I was pretty happy because I thought it would automatically flag me when a cartridge tank was nearing empty or a resin tank was reaching its expected life but unless I am missing something, that is not the case.

Here is a screenshot from my dashboard. It lists each print with the time, layers, material type and amount consumed. This is all good info, but I do not see a way to summarize or download it.

I would like to be able to filter my material type and get a total since last resin tank was loaded…this would help tell me about how much was left. A gas gauge or red yellow green vertical bar would be handy to provide info for each resin tray and each resin bottle. This would be similar to how my HP printer shows me ink levels. I know you only have one tank and reservoir in at a time but the printer knows which tank and which reservoir are installed and being use so it should be able to do a running tally that you could rest when you replace one or the other. I am pretty sure the data is there.

While you can copy and paste once screens worth to a spreadsheet, as you can see the process will be tedious to every time you want this info.

Lacking that, how about letting me download the print data as a CSV or something?

Failing that it might be possible to code a screen scraper app that copies a screenful of data at a time and stores the info locally in a database then you could total up the resin used of each type and calculate your cartridge resin level that way.

Developer on the Dashboard project here. I’m happy to hear you are using the Dashboard and helping us make it better.

Material management features such as tracking resin levels in cartridges, tracking usage of your tank, and getting warned before you run out of resin are coming very soon.

Downloading print data is also a cool idea and would be useful for different analysis beyond cartridge level tracking. Thanks for suggesting!

If you could make it IFTT accessible, that could be useful.

For example with IFTT if the right info was available, I could set it up to do a number of things:

  1. Automatically log build info to a google spreadsheet
  2. With this spreadsheet, I could set up my own parameters that would send me a reminder to order xyz.
  3. Text me when the build was 90% done
  4. Turn a light on remotely when a build is finished or there is an error. (now I can also use the text messaging capability to do that)
  5. connect it to a device made using littlebits components to visually flag when something happens. Something like my “Noticebot”

Although limited at the moment, the default Dashboard has been very useful in monitoring prints remotely while I’m at work alongside status updates via text message when I’m elsewhere. The only downfall is whenever I see that a print has been completed, I get anxious and can’t wait to get back home! :laughing:

I’d say that the current Dashboard is a great base platform to build off of and further develop as long as it maintains a very simplistic and clean design approach. Add as many new features as you please, but please don’t bloat the UI. I’ve come to appreciate the approach that Gmail has in that it displays content related functions and information only when necessary.

With regards to desired features, I agree with everything mentioned above (cartridge levels, tank usage, data download option) as well would like monitoring of which areas of the build platform have been used most often. This correlates to the resin tank glass usage and wear from the laser. I tend to forget that I frequently place objects in the center of the build platform rather than moving them around. Maybe some kind of heat-map like overview would suffice.

Additionally, I think it’d be interesting (at least for data nerds) to be able to summarize and analyze data metrics such as total number of prints and print times per resin type, success rates, average print volumes, prints per month, support vs actual object resin volume, etc. Some may be more useful to have via the Dashboard than others, but as mentioned before it’d at least be nice to be able to download and compile for additional analyzing.

I’ve kind of been using my own method for tracking resin level consumption in the attached screenshot. I just manually input data into the lower section based on the online Dashboard and the upper section gets updated automatically. I’ll probably add more tracking info later once I build up a bigger print log.

Hi Ckhamken,

I really like your excel sheet.
It simple and user-friendly.
Would it be possible to share a download link?
Thank you very much in advance.


I agree with @ckhamken.
I would like to add that as long as the dashboard is as much an optional service as possible (i.e., the printer works without it and nothing absolutely needs to be done with it if it can be done without it) then it can be invaluable for all sorts of statistical analysis and decision support.
I have to note that my printer is seen as offline from time to time, and I don’t know why. It seems it needs a bit more robustness, probably in better retrial for connection when it’s lost for whatever reason.

Hi @Nielsvandooren, download link is below. Feel free to share any suggestions or methods you may find more user friendly for yourself and your end-use. I’d like to receive feedback. Enjoy!

Formlabs Printer Dashboard - Excel

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Thanks @ckhamken for loading your Dashboard. It will be very useful.

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Inspired by the spreadsheets you all were sharing on the forums, the Dashboard now allows you to download a CSV of your entire print history! :wink: Use it as an automatic record keeping tool or as a supplement to your own records. Also use the Dashboard Materials page to monitor resin levels and set up notifications for low resin levels.