Dashboard material manager feature request, part 2

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One other thing that would be useful is the ability to override the tracking. For example, I enabled Dashboard a little late – my resin cartridge is nearly empty, but it shows as 0.1L used because only 2 prints have been logged so far. When I put in a new cartridge, I’d like to reset the “odometer” (I didn’t see this feature in there).

Since I only have one resin cartridge at the moment, another use case is the usage of multiple cartridges of the same type of resin. I don’t think the cartridges have unique IDs (or do they?), but it would be nice to be able to tag or label them in the Dashboard. For example, I might have one pretty full clear resin cartridge for customers or large prints, but another one that’s running low for personal or smaller prints. I would want to be able to track each one individually.

Resin cartridges have unique IDs so the Form 2 and the Dashboard are able to track the level of resin in each cartridge individually, even if they are the same material.

The issue where your cartridge is nearly empty but the Dashboard is showing it as full is a challenge for us because the material tracking feature is new and there isn’t historical tracking of cartridges. New cartridges will work fine, but you are right the Dashboard showing the wrong level in this case is odd. I like your suggestion to manually set the estimated resin level.

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Hi, Where do you see the cartridge level on the Dashboard???

From this image, it’s very ambiguous what the meaning of the data is. Is that 0.1 L used of the current cartridge, or for all time? So to answer your question, you click on the Material tab in the Dashboard, but it’s not necessarily going to tell you how much is left in the current cartridge. That would be a really nice feature that should be reasonably easy to implement.

well, I don’t see that on my Dashboard, only the list of the past print.
Could it be because i am connected via wifi?

David, Your browser may be caching the old version of the Dashboard. Clearing your cache should help (Read this if you don’t know how to clear your cache).

Thanks a lot now I see it!!!

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