Dashboard not showing all my receent prints

The dashboard is missing 5 of my recent prints. I’m getting a low resin warning, and trying to establish how much resin I have left, however, dashboard is missing 5 of my most recent prints.

Also, I have 2 grey cartridges, V03 and V04. Dashboard is only showing the total resin use combined for both cartridges, where can I see how much each individual cartridge has used?


You should not rely on the dashboard to estimate how much resin has been used, unless you’re making huge print with large flat/featureless surfaces which do not retain much resin. Anything else will take some uncured resin with it and on the build plate too, which isn’t accounted for in the Dashboard, if you print small intricate parts the difference can be enormous.

The Dashboard is a cool tool to get cool statistics but it doesn’t have much practical use IMHO.

Yep, good point, though it would be nice if it actually recorded all my prints, as such, I don’t even has the stats.

I guess the only way to check resin level is with a stick.

Works well by weight too.

As for the dashboard not registering the prints, I’d check that the Form 2 doesn’t have connectivity issues. Restarting it might help getting it talking with Formlabs’ servers again.

Thanks, I assumed the connection is fine, because prints send to the printer without issue, and preform always shows the “track online” dialogue, I just don’t bother to check it often.

Prints being sent to the printer means local connection works, doesn’t mean the Form 2 is connected to the Dashboard correctly. Same thing with Preform, it’s just Preform advertising the Dashboard not a confirmation that the printer is connected AFAIK.

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